Digital Gold The Unknown Facts That All Investors Must Be Aware Of

Digital Gold The Unknown Facts That All Investors Must Be Aware Of

Digital Gold The Unknown Facts That All Investors Must Be Aware Of
  • Feburary 24, 2022
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An Expansion of the Digital Boom: The Reality, The Myth and The Digital Gold

Gold has always been one of the most popular assets in Indian societies. It has been relatively easy to be a Gold and Silver Buyer Gurgaon. However, we now have a different form of gold to invest in. It takes away the question of 'where to sell gold near me' perspective.

Now, it is possible to do that virtually. The digital revolution has extended to the gold market, and now we have the digital gold before us. This method allows you to invest in physical gold, but you can buy it online, and it will be stored in an insured vault by the seller

The Difference Between Physical and Digital Gold

Digital gold is 24K pure stored in a vault that you can access digitally. There are specific platforms that will enable you to buy gold and sell it at low ticket sizes with a single click. There are no time restrictions on being a digital Gold and Silver Buyer in Gurgaon and its surrounding areas. This new method has made buying and selling gold more efficient and approachable. You will never need to ask 'where to sell gold near me' when this concept is beforehand for exploration?

Physical gold is more commonly bought for ornamental purposes. However, it is not an intelligent investment choice nowadays. Too many charges are involved, such as making charges, storage costs, etc., that instead turn into a liability. Storing it at home is also a risk factor. The pandemic has made it easier for users to transact digitally, including gold investments.

Should You Invest in Digital Gold?

We will help you to invest in digital gold smartly. Indians are the second-largest buyers of gold worldwide. Digital gold is a safer and more convenient option to invest in gold for those who wish to accumulate this resource to the best extent possible. Many banks, wealth management channels, and even several e-Commerce portals now offer digital gold options. There are already over 100 million consumers of digital gold as per the current estimate.

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Digital Gold or Physical Gold?

Indians invest in gold for a variety of reasons. Gold is bought to mark an auspicious occasion or even to be passed on to future generations. Hence, being a Gold and Silver Buyer in Gurgaon depends on the customer's needs. Physical gold is usually bought for consumption purposes, such as jewellery. You can buy it directly from the seller without any intermediary. However, possessing physical gold can have some disadvantages as well.

If you want to know where to exchange gold for cash near me, you will have to go to a jeweller for that purpose for detailed exploration. However, digital gold can be sold instantly and directly credited to your bank account.

The advantage of digital gold is that you can conveniently use the Internet to buy and sell it. Moreover, it is safer and also ensures security. It is a cost-effective option as well. If you are sure you want jewellery, buy physical gold. However, if this is for the future, investment, or collateral for a loan, it would be better to invest in digital gold.

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Risks Associated with the Lack of a Regulatory Body

As digital gold is a new concept, no regulations guide it yet. However, most organisations and businesses offering digital gold put independent checks and balances through a security trustee and an independent custodian. We ensure that your gold is always safe. Our robust system has been designed to protect customer interests.

Regulators are already in the process of creating more precise guidelines and regulations for digital gold. It will finally lay down a foundation for the healthy growth of this sector. We will work with the regulators to create a seamless and efficient process for Gold and Silver Buyer Gurgaon.

What are the Benefits of Buying Digital Gold?

The benefits of investing in digital gold are as follows:

1. Convenience: You can easily buy gold online from different digital platforms such as mobile wallets, UPI apps, banks such as PhonePe, MobiKwik, and more.

2. Liquidity: Wondering Where to sell gold near me You can sell your gold for cash through your bank account. There is a live 24x7 market-linked rate that will easily help you sell it online.

3. Safety: You can be assured of your gold's safety as each transaction is already stored in a secured vault with full insurance. Theft will never be a risk.

4. Budget: Digital gold serves to be a versatile tool for starting SIPs or buying even for a small amount, depending on your financial capacity

5. Easy possession: If you wish to hold onto the gold physically, you can opt for it to be delivered to your doorstep. It will come in a tamper-proof, insured package.

6. Exchange for Jewellery: Indians commonly buy gold jewellery; hence, it is easy to exchange digital gold for jewellery with partnered jewellers.

7. Gifting: The best part of digital gold is that you can easily gift it to anyone and any time. It is affordable and easy to send to them.

We are the dedicated to making digital gold buying more accessible to you.

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