Top 5 Amazing Facts To Know About Gold

Top 5 amazing facts to know about GOLD

Top 5 amazing facts to know about GOLD
  • Jul 23, 2020
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Gold is one precious metal that everyone wants to own. The value kept in the metal defines its imperativeness in an individuals and many of us considered it as a commodity or instrument of investment. Similarly, gold is used in festivals, and occasions in India. But, there are numbers of facts about gold that are still undiscovered, and it must be interesting and valuable for everyone.

So, here we are bringing top 5 amazing and interesting facts about gold through this article-

1. Have you heard about the world's most expensive gold coin

When there is money, there are controversies. The 1933 Double Eagle is an American twenty-dollar gold coin that has plenty of controversial stories associated with it. Approx half a million of these coins were manufactured in 1933, none of there was circulated, and except two coins, all were melted down. It was later found that twenty of these coins were stolen, and thus could not be melted down. Nine of them were recovered and melted. As per the resources and news, only 13 exist, out of which 10 are kept in Fort Knox. There is only one coin that has been privately held and the collector purchased it an auction in So the bys , New York for $7.59 million making it the most expensive gold coin in the world.

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2. Gold can be seen as a currency

Gold shows interesting currency-like tendencies. It has been noted that gold maintains its purchasing power yearly.

Moreover gold works as a currency, many do not see it similarly as you cannot use it to shop these days. But, like other currencies, its price fluctuates- as seen in the records, it typically rises and falls in context to US dollar going up or down. The precious yellow metal can be purchased and stored, and it can be converted into money in an array of currencies.

The remaining part of the metal is generally used in making gold jewellery. If you want to sell gold jewellery for cash , you can reach cash against gold branches or cash against gold outlets .

3. A study says that approximately 80% of earth's gold is buried underground

A study done by Bernard Wood of Macquarie University in Australia says there is enough gold inside the core of the earth, that if it were altogether mined, and deposited on the surface of the earth, it would be enough to cover the entire planet with gold that would go one and a half feet deep. Bernard Wood compared the composition of the Earths crust with meteorites having similar constituents and found that platinum, nickel, and gold, were pulled toward the iron-rich core of the earth millions of years ago. At this time the planetary surface of the earth was even not formed and was liquid molten lava mass. Professor has nailed the amount of gold in the core of the earth around 1.6 quadrillion tons! Scientists believe that it was just after those meteorites from space deposited gold on the surface of the earth when the planet was completely formed. This is the gold we mine today.

4. A group of expert believes every cubic mile of water can produce 25 tons of gold in the sea

The recent article published by National Geographic, researchers claimed that there might plenty of gold under the beds of the ocean to supply nine pounds of gold to every individual present on the earth. This collection might be valued to $150 trillion of gold! Currently, a new project named Solwara 1 is all set to begin in Papua and New Guinea to do deep-sea mining operations.

As such, the project is still under wraps as it got strong resistance from environmental protection groups who say that such operations or others could destroy the underwater ecosystem deep in the oceans of the earth.

5. Gold is only natural yellow or golden metal

Gold is the only metal that is naturally yellow or golden in color. Other metals may show a yellowish color, but only when they are oxidized and reacted with other chemicals.

These interesting facts about gold may entice you to exchange gold jewelry for cash.

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